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модель: rc4104-2 джед расположение площадок

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название продукта: CE действие геля расположение площадок

модель: rc4104-2

размер: 40 * 1.5cm 24


Product Features :

1 Made of viscoelastic polymer gel. 100%Free of silicon, latex or any plasticiter.
2 Provide professional supporting for various body parts in surgery.
3 Help to reduce pressure and avoid bed sores and nerve injury.
4 X-ray through and anti-bacteria.
5 MRI compatible and radiation treatment safe.
6 Biocompatible with human tissues.
7 Work temperature range:-29 degree to 70 degree.
8 Easy cleaning out.
9 Cost effective and durable.
10 CE and ISO certificated.


Product Precautions:

A. Please handle with care.
B. Aviod direct contact with hard or sharp objects.
C.Aviod cleaning the pad surface with strong corrosive disinfectants or cleaning agents. Iodine based agents should be avoided.
D.Keep the pads flat in storage,avoid direct sunlight and dust.
E.Keep the pads away from ultraviolet lights.
F. For lateral and prostrate surgeries, one layer of operation sheet is recommended over the pads to keep patient more comfortable.
G.Do not roughly push the pads underneath the patient. Make sure that the pad surface underneath the patient is smooth.
H.Please read user"s guide carefully before use.
I. For prolonged surgeries(especially prostrate surgeries),relax the areas prone to pressure ulcer for 5-10 minutes in every 3 months.



Product Cleaning and Disinfection:

1) The viscoelastic polymer gel pads and positioners are water proof. The filth on the surface can be cleaned away with clear water or cleaner,alcohol can be applied.
2) Strong corrosive disinfectants such as Iodine should be avoided.
3) Avoid high temperature and high pressure disinfection or fumigating.
4) Gas sterilization, autoclaving,washing machine, dryer or pro-longed soaking in disinfectants are NOT recommened.
5) Do not sterilize the pads with ultraviolet radiation.


Product MOQ : 1 piece

Delivery time : 3 days after receiving payment 

Quality Assurance : 24 months after shipment



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